We do not use external services like GoogleAnalytics, external fonts or GoogleMaps.

From your Website request is only saved:

  • Address Family: IPv4 or IPv6
  • Requested Domain: e.g.
  • Duration of delivery: How long a request take time (in histogram cumulated in buckets)

We excuse us, but we think it is necessary for enhanced the delivery of your webserver.

Chat (XMPP)

For easy use, there is Message Archiving enabled by default. Hopefully you use OMEMO or you should disable MAM. Otherwise your messages are stored plain on this server for other clients.

HTTP-Uploads are stored for 7 days before it will be deleted automatically. Accounts after 1 year unused will be deleted.

Everthing else

We delete every week the Logfiles and try to configurate each application log just error messages.